Lift Slow

Get Stronger By Lifting Slower

Strength + Safety + Efficacy!

Lift Slow is a fitness portal for learning how to increase your strength and fitness by lifting weights in a controlled slow manner. This differs from other strength protocols which use higher-speed or higher-reps to gain strength. By slowing the movement you can get just as strong while being kind to your joints and minimizing injury risk.

Lift Slow was inspired by the principles of High-Intensity Training, but with a focus for beginners. Lift Slow stresses learning safe exercises and getting started over intensity. Intensity comes with time and practice and is not as necessary to make initial progress.

About Lift Slow

Lift Slow is by Michael Allen Smith, a fitness enthusiast that discovered slow lifting in 2011 after many years of traditional weightlifting. His strength went up, but more importantly, he stopped getting injured in the gym.

This site was created because although there are tremendous amounts of resources for intermediate and advanced strength athletes, there was very little written on slow lifting for the person just getting started.

This site will be going away in May 2021.